How to Hack a Foreign Language

To live is to learn. Otherwise there’s no other option for me. Learning languages has been one of the longest-lasting hobbies of mine. On top of my English, Russian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Japanese and pillow French I am currently acquiring is Finnish.Finnish is considered to be one of the hardest languages to learn. Today was the first […]

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Therianthropy is the spiritual belief that one may host a sole of an animal’s or another being. The term “therianthropy” comes from the combination of two Greek words: theríon – “wild animal” or “beast”; and anthrōpos, – “human being.” Therianthropes, or beastmen are very common in popular culture today, but indeed have been a part of popular culture in the past. Spiritual beliefs in animal transformation […]

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How to Travel Around the World Inside the Hotel Room?

No, I’m not talking about any kind of “space travel” here 🙂 What I found is a new floating hotel project created by London-based designer and architect, Gianluca Santosuosso. Santosuosso has created a concept for a futuristic floating hotel the MORPHotel that allows slowly travel around the world. The MORPHotel is believed to challenge the cruise industry, as its […]

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