How the Future Sex Looks Like: Virtual Reality

Albert Einstein said, logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. When thinking about the future of sex, imagination would be your only boundary, and now you can extend it from physical to virtual reality. Virtual reality is considered to be the porn next breakthrough. One of the beauties of it is that it offers nearly limitless space for sexual content and ideas. But what’s even more fascinating is that VR allows us to exist inside the environment, to inhabit it.

Watching virtual porn is vastly different experience from watching a movie on screen. Most of the VR porn movies give a POV shot, where the camera is positioned on the viewers head for maximum immersion and a 180 degree perspective – because “nobody is really interested about the wall behind you while one or two beautiful girls suck your dick.” But again, there are other options with full 360 viewing spectrum for more haunting experience.

“The ultimate virtual reality experience is going to be when you are inserted into this world, and maybe you’re also connected to some sort of vibrating device that works along with what’s going on in this world.” – Stephen Hirsch, founder of Vivid.

The porn scenes are done in 3D, which makes it look more real. You can even choose the role of another gender to experience what it’s like to be ‘on the other side of the tracks’. Some videos are compatible with smart sex toys, for example VirtualRealPorn offers with Kiiro mentioned in this post.

The size of your glass matters. It’s not about seducing a nerd or throwing cumshots on schoolgirl glasses. Let’s leave that to conventional porn and Big Bang Theory fans. To experience VR we need a fully featured headset. Here’s some of the gear that would help us to dive into the virtual porn world.

Google Cardboard free VR headset sponsored by, adult virtual reality porn website. BadoinkVR offers members free cardboard VR goggles to use with their smartphones. “We believed this is an effective strategy to raise consciousness and get lots of visitors to find out the BaDoink manufacturer”, comments BaDoink’s CEO Todd Glider. The VR Goggles are compatible with any smartphone up to 5.7 inches in screen size, including the iPhone 6+, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and everything in between. All you need to do is to slide your smartphone into the fold-out cardboard mount and launch the video. You can also get your free headset from Google Cardboard website.

Oculus Rift headset with a wide field of view and integrated headphones for 3D audio effect, acquired by Facebook in 2014. The Rift is an open-platform, meaning that developers do not need any approval or verification to develop, distribute, or sell content for it. Although the headset is not yet accessible for regular customers, some porn businesses have already put their hands into Oculus, accommodating conventional live action porn. In August 2014, the adult movie streaming service provider SugarDVD announced that they are working with Oculus to make their adult movies highly interactive and in 3D. SugarDVD spokesperson Rebecca Bolen said “ At first, this will be similar to a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of experience. We already have these options for DVDs and movies with alternate ‘endings’ depending on what the viewer chooses, so we are looking forward to integrating those features into VR.” Spain-based VirtualRealPorn provides pornography clips in a 180-degree experience  using the Rift’s sound abilities, where the performer whispers love words into the viewer’s ears. Currently there are 25 clips in the library, each about 9 minutes long and from the POV of the man. Oculus is scheduled for release in March, 2016, but you can pre-order yours for $599.

Samsung VR Gear – light Gear VR headset that uses Milk VR program and works with Galaxy smartphones, including Galaxy Note 5, 6 edge+, S6 and S6 edge. Milk VR retains the virtual-reality movies streaming allowing the users watch 180 and 360 degrees Videos. All you need to do is slip in your phone. Naughty America, the San Diego based adult entertainment company has released its first VR porn movie called “Two Chicks Same Time” for Samsung VR Gear and Oculus, that provides an ultimate threesome virtual porn fantasy for men. They also have produced immersive virtual reality porn experience from a lady’s point of view and field of view.

Lucid Dreams V2 from Veiviev.

For now, virtual porn remains a relatively small part of the overall industry, partly because the amount of people who own virtual-reality headsets is similarly small. However big the porn industry takes VR into account. According to, the world’s largest VR porn site, there are currently around 13 different studios actively developing VR content for adults with roughly 160 scenes available on the marketplace. The videos lengthen in time, get better plots and become more interactive. It’s only a matter of time the VR gear will decrease in size and will provide overall vivid experience very immersive and consuming.


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