How The Future Sex Looks Like: Sex Toys and Apps

Some years ago I had a dream. A kind of dream when you don’t want to be awaken no matter what. I found myself tied up in bed with some electrodes attached to my body. The room was full of light with a large window right in front of me. I could see people from the other side of the window coding something on their laptops. Strong physical sensation started to spread over me giving me a type of pleasure I never experienced before. The feeling of pleasure was so unique and so real, that I was able to keep it even when I woke up. It made me curious. What if an orgasm could be programmed or transmitted wirelessly from one person to another? A few years after I’m not surprised to see this technology in the market, you only need a mobile phone to make it happen. Let’s see what sex tech has to offer.

Sex Toys and Apps.

OhMiBod Blue Motion – a remote-control vibrator that connects partners no matter where they are. It comes with a mobile app, through which man can instantly give orgasm no matter where she is. The vibrator enables stimulation for up to 2 hours and has 7 integrated manual regimes for solo play. By swiping and tapping between the modes on the app the person in charge can actually see what’s happening on the vibrator side. In addition, the app allows up to 60 seconds audio recording and the ability to tap and record different rhythms.

Kiiro offers similar devices that serve both partners. It provides an online communication platform to connect and share the experience. With the platform partners may not only see and hear each other, but feel each other’s touch and create the physical sensations through their devices from anywhere in the world. Kiiro devices, Pearl for girls and Onyx for boys, are capable to gather data based on usage and communicate that data between each other.

MojoWijo toys for him and for her connect through Nintendo Wii remote controller to transfer vibrations from one device to another. It comes with a Wii remote controller extension and a water based lubricant, however the controller itself is not included. Don’t have a Wii? Both devices will please you physically and socially. MojoWijo also provides a social media platform, where you can reconnect with your partner or find a new one. It also has multiple connections, so one control many other’s toys at one time!

Mysteryvibe sells multifunctional bendable waterproof vibrators called Crescendo. Vibrators have 6 powerful but silent motors that can be controlled independently on the mobile device. The app allows to create personal combination of vibration patterns independently for each of the 6 motors. Furthermore it comes with a charge pad. The battery in Crescendo is designed to work for over 500 full charge / discharge cycles and last for 4,000 hours.

Vibease wearable vibrator that offers a bit more than an orgasm. It offers an experience. Vibrator comes with the Fantasy App, which offers a pre-recorded audio list of fantasies. Once the audio fantasy is selected, the device starts to react to the story and give vibrations with different intensities and various patterns at just the right moments. In the future Vibease plans binaural audio to make it even more real. The app also offers text and picture messaging, along with the ability to create custom vibrations, to create sensations for your girlfriend. Vibease raised 130k$ on Indiegogo in 2013.

Wakeupwibe combines vibrator and alarm clock. All the girl needs to do is to set up an alarm clock, configure the most desirable vibration pattern and put the vibrator in her panties. What could be a better way to wake up? The vibrator is equipped with intuitive display, 3 pre-set vibrating modes and available in 3 different colours.

Fundawear – an underwear with in-built vibrators that are controlled via mobile app. Fundawear was a promo project for condom manufacturer Durex. The idea behind the product was to find a solution for long-distance relationships. A prototype was designed merely to create buzz, not for retail, however the idea has got its reflection in multiple wearable athletic fashion items.

Autoblow – a sex toy for men that simulates the feeling of blowjob. Autoblow has several modes, so one can be in control of the toy without having his hands on it. The device promises more then 500 hours of pleasure, which is around 2000 blowjobs. In addition, the company offers the number of accessories, such as anal and vaginal reusable sleeves, which are available in different sizes.

BlewIt  – another male sex toy for better stamina. Blewit aims to create more than a toy but a sex “trainer”, which would improve self-confidence and sex endurance in men. The device has a nice octagonal shape and is equipped with non anatomical masturbation sleeve made of smooth thermoplastic material that creates the most realistic feel. It also comes with extra rings to tighten up the experience. BlewIt is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

3-D printed toys.

MakerLove provides a large variety of sex toy designs free of charge, that one can download and print with a 3-D printer. As printed parts come out rough and jagged, the company also advises on how to finish the device properly. MakerLove also runs a contest offering 75$ for the winning models.

New York Toy Collective offers 3D scanning service that allows its customers to create sex toys modelled after their own body parts. The company also sells other high quality sex toys like dildos, harnesses and more. Their bestselling product Shilo is a handmade posable silicone Pack and Play dildo, which one may wear under clothing either for gender expression or for convenience and then use for sex.

Sex Games.

Happy Play Time is a series of sex education games and tools whose aim is to make female masturbation friendly. The game teaches about anatomy and basic techniques that help women to discover what gives them the biggest pleasure. It also gives access to the community, where women can learn from the latest sex studies and compare their masturbation habits.

Sext Adventure allows users to have sex with bots. It was originally designed to be played though text messaging, but now it also can be played online. The game allows users to exchange naughty messages with a cyber sex bot in real time. Inspired by emergent AI, this game explores the multiple possibilities of computer sexuality and ‘technological mediation of intimacy’. With over 20 different endings, the player experiences the multiplicity of sex, technology, and digital intimacy.

Sex Trackers.

SexFit tracker is a ring device worn at the base of the penis and connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth. The ring stimulates a harder erection with the tight band, stimulating both partners during the intercourse. It also tracks the performance during sex using internal technology similar to a pedometer. Finally, the ring is equipped with notification lights on the top that shows what mode the SexFit is in.

Lovely is quantified-self sex tool also a ring that monitors body movements during sex, and sends this data to the Lovely App. The App uses the gathered information to provide personalized, sex related ideas, tips and positions, and inform how many calories were burnt during the last sexual intercourse. During sex, Lovely ring uses subtle vibrations that enhances erection in boys and provides the direct clit stimulation for girls. California based startup has created a lot of buzz in the media last year, however the company wasn’t able to raise enough funds on Indiegogo.

Spreadsheets app is a mobile app that “monitors your performance in bed to provide statistical and historical feedback” by tracking user’s “movement and audio levels through the accelerometer and microphone to provide statistical and visual analysis of their performance in bed.” It determines how well a user performed in bed based on the volume and speed of movement of both partners, as well as duration of the intercourse. The app also allows users to to acquire “achievements” which range from having sex in the afternoon or extend sex duration to up to 40 minutes.

Bellabeat sells female activity tracker called LEAF, that can be worn as a clip, bracelet or necklace. LEAF is a smart piece of jewelry that monitors steps, sleep, and physical activity. On the mobile app a girl may get detailed overview of her cycle and reproductive health.  In addition to that, she can choose “sex” from the list of physical activities, and see its duration and the amount of calories burnt.

Geeksme is a watch, that monitors physical activities including sexual performance. On the mobile app you can set up goals and monitor your fitness activity, steps, walked distance, calories burnt and fat percentage, exercise time. The watch also tracks the sexual activity, its length, start and end time, as well as burned calories and intensity. In addition it tracks the sleep quality length, deep and light sleep and awake time.

The list can be continued. Looks like Dr.Pearson’s predictions regarding passing sensations through devices, and directly stimulate orgasms through the touch of an icon, or over messages are already here.

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