Smoke on the Water, or What Happens to the Sea Before Freezing

This video depicts the steam coming from the sea at -20, also known as Arctic smoke, which I was fortunate to meditate on this morning. The spirit of the sea is released through when a light wind of very cold air mixes with a shallow layer of warm air above warmer water.
Recorded and edited on iPhone 6
Time spent: 1 hr
Music: Asura – Altered State

That morning everything went our of hand, so I deliberately changed my plans to terminate this growing swirl of troubles. As the thermometer dropped to around -20C, the sea smoke began to form giant clouds over the shore. I noticed that on my way to the city and walked an extra mile to take a closer look. What I’ve seen was a form of fog
exhaled by water and dissolved into a bleak winter landscape.

Today I learnt what that actually means. Soon the sea will freeze.



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