How to Travel Around the World Inside the Hotel Room?

No, I’m not talking about any kind of “space travel” here 🙂 What I found is a new floating hotel project created by London-based designer and architect, Gianluca Santosuosso.

Santosuosso has created a concept for a futuristic floating hotel the MORPHotel that allows slowly travel around the world. The MORPHotel is believed to challenge the cruise industry, as its guests would be able to experience a stay in a floating environment moving around the world.

With a flexible 1/2 mile long spine-like shape, guests of the hotel would have an ever-changing view from their rooms while it’s at sea because the buoyant structure would be changing its shape based on the ocean currents. The MORPHotel would be more sustainable than traditional cruise ships, where the fuel consumption, at an average cruise speed of 20 nodes, is 470 litres/km.

Energy will be provided through the combination of two different eco-friendly technologies: solar and wave energy. Solar panels will be distributed along the upper part of the hull and glass panels, while the two ends of the spine will be destined to the production of energy through the movement of waves.

The self-sufficiency will also regard the hotel’s ability to produce drinking water and certain types of food. The hotel would be composed of capsules that house guest rooms, restaurants and the usual amenities that people can find on land including vegetable garden and animal farm.

The MORPHotel would easily become an extension of the cities it harbours in, allowing locals to take advantage of the facilities on board. Visitors would be able to access the theatres, restaurants and garden through a ‘barycentric dock’ which would connect to the harbour city.

Santosuosso calls his MORPHotel an “artificial organism” on its “entire-endless journey” across the sea. Would you hop on?

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