What will your virtual assistant look like tomorrow?

Today we have got plenty of tools at their disposal that help to do work smarter and faster. And yet we remain busy, often and spending extra hours to complete all the tasks on our to-do list. In the past few years, inspired by Tim Ferris Outsourcing Life blog post many knowledge workers got into a trend of hiring virtual assistants for outsourcing a certain share of their tasks. However since virtual assistance business may collapse over night, some customers started to question virtual assistants market. Would it be possible to find a full stack virtual assistant who would be available 24/7 and handle wide range of tasks? Yes! The solution is intelligent virtual assistant.

Intelligent virtual assistant is a piece of software designed to perform various tasks or services. It acts as the primary interface between digital data and customers. This Intelligent VA software performs tasks based on the input provided and by accessing the information online on various sources. Intelligent virtual assistant technology incorporates the combination of a user interface, mobile device and mobile application.

NASDAQ released that intelligent virtual assistant market estimates $3.07 bn by 2020. Currently giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft have their own intelligent VA Siri, Google Now, Cortana, S Voice, Voice Mate, and more. There is an increasingly large roster of personal assistant apps that use AI and natural language in an attempt to make users’ lives easier.

Imagine AI that would be able to order your lunch or the advise you on what kind of shoes to buy. All you need to do is to text your today’s preference and wait till your order is delivered at your doorbell.

The project HER by Hu:toma aims to provide businesses and individuals with intelligent AI, which goes beyond finding an ATM, conducting a web search, or deleting a calendar entry. HER can be trained to handle tasks like customer support and sales. What’s even more fascinating is that HER has an ambition to become your digital friend. You may have a private conversation with her and teach HER about the world and interaction by uploading HER to social network.

It’s about achieving goals, and revealing truths. – comments Hu:toma CTO Maurizio Cibelli

Hu:toma has launched a kickstarter campaign. If you are interested in getting your own digital friend or intelligent customer support back them here:

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