Roads to Romes: if borders were set according to road distance to nearest capital city

If you plan cities for cars and traffic, you get cars and traffic. If you plan for people and places, you get people and places – Fred Kent, Project for Public Transportation

Stuttgart-based Moovel Lab plans the future of urban mobility. In their projects, they combine data analytics, technology, and art to create concepts and visualised pieces of data that help to understand what moves us in our urban surroundings.

The company is working on multimodal route finder app and runs several projects and hackatons aimed at improving urban mobility. The projects cover wide range of topics such as human drone taxis and greened cars.

In Roads to Rome project the Moovel lab explores how to find the best way to get to a particular city, in this case Rome. The team used 486.713 starting points in Europe from which Rome could be reached. For this task they designed an algorithm based on open-source software GraphHopper. The algorithm calculates one route for every trip and puts it into “something between information visualization and data art” . The map below shows which roads in Europe are most commonly used to get to Rome. These roads are marked with bold.

Roads to Rome visualised by Moovel Lab

Similar roads visualisation was done for the number of other European capitals and cities in the US. Moove Lab goes further and offers routing solutions for getting to a single destination from many places within the city. It also allows to create Urban Mobility Fingerprint and Street DNA graphs in your own city using the interactive webmap.

Learn more about what Moovel Lab is doing on their website

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