You need to start somewhere..

This blog is created to challenge myself to write. Write every day, without having any excuse to not to.

There’s no particular topic to be covered here. I don’t want to limit myself to one particular field. Because, why would I? There’re so many things that excite and fascinate me. Plus, this “let’s call it exercise” will help me to see what kind of information triggers my curiosity and desire to reflect upon.

One may ask why to create extra work to not so “cakes and ale” routine? (I’m currently running two pretty cool but demanding projects that hardly leave any free spot in my calendar) Wouldn’t it be easier to scoop that daily learnings from Facebook or Twitter feed and repost, retweet or regram in one of my own networks? I’d say the latter doesn’t the former.

The main point is to pick, to reflect, and そして to create my personal feed of what I find useful, nourishing and impactful.

Off we go!



PS: A soundtrack for this epic lifetime decision would be Factor8 – The Beginning, found by random YouTube search with the tag “begin”

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